The History of Durante Fish Industries Limited.




Durante Fish Industries Limited was founded in 2000 by the late Ade Alakija.

We are based in the city of Ibadan in Oyo State in south - west Nigeria and are considered to be one of the leading aquaculture companies in West Africa.

We are Nigeria’s largest producer of Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia a leading service provider to the rapidly expanding Aquaculture Sector in the region.

Our two Hatchery facilities are based at our Head Office in Ibadan and at our AAA Farm north-west of the town of Oyo and are the largest commercial Hatcheries in the region.

Our Grow Out Ponds are located at our AAA Farm and we are now locating Cages for Catfish and Tilapia at the Oyan Dam located in Ogun State.

As a Service Provider we support other aquaculture operations with:

• Technical Research & Support.

• Bespoke Training Programs.

• Equipment Procurement, Supply & Maintenance.

• Fingerling Supply.

• Juvenile Supply.

We also operate a commercial Feed Mill and are the Sole Distributor in Nigeria for SKRETTING Fish Feed.

We provide Aquaculture equipment and Consultancy services and offer a full technical service  to our Clients. Please contact us for full details.

In co-operation with our technical partners, Durante Fish Industries is one of the largest service providers for Aquaculture Sector in Nigeria.

Our facilities in Ibadan, Oyo and Oyan produce Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia for the rapidly expanding and flourishing domestic market in Nigeria.