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Water recirculation systems are the future for medium and large scale Catfish production.

We design and supply recirculatory aquaculture systems (RAS).

Our recirculation systems are developed in cooperation with our Dutch partners Fleuren & Nooijen and are recommendable for hatcheries and suitable for grow outs in certain areas.



We supply a range of aquaculture equipment imported from The Netherlands including:

Drugs for treatment of diseased fish
Chemicals for water testing (ammonium, pH and nitrates)
Electrical equipment for use in hatcheries including:
UV systems to reduce bacteria and improve water transparency
Aerators to increase the oxygen levels in the water
Heaters to increase the water temperature particularly in the cooler North of Nigeria
Water pumps for hatcheries and other systems
Harvesting equipment including nets, graders and electronic scales

Durante sells a wide range of products for the construction of hatcheries and on growing facilities including filter materials, PVC valves and fittings

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Our Facilities in Ibadan, Oyo and Oyan produce Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia for the rapidly expanding and flourishing domestic market in Nigeria.

In co-operation with our Technical partners, Durante Fish Industries is one of the largest service providers for Aquaculture Sector in Nigeria.

We provide Aquaculture equipment and Consultancy services and offer a full technical service  to our Clients. Please contact us for full details.