Products and Services.

Fish feed

A quality feed produces a quality product and can reduce the growing cycle from 6 months to 4 months.

Durante partnered with Skretting, a world leader in fish feed production in 2006? to supply Nigeria with a high quality imported fish feed.

We supply a complete range of competitively priced feed for catfish and tilapia from day one to harvesting.

These include starter feeds for larvae, fry and fingerlings and ongrowing feeds.

Pelletized and Extruded
Essential feed and Fish concentrate

We recognize that Nigerian fish farmers are looking for a good quality product at a lower price and so our feedmill now produces locally manufactured 4.5 and 6 mm pellets.

We use our own products in all our farms.

Our fish feed is available at over X depots and dealers throughout the country.

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We provide Aquaculture equipment and Consultancy services and offer a full technical service  to our Clients. Please contact us for full details.

In co-operation with our technical partners, Durante Fish Industries is one of the largest service providers for Aquaculture Sector in Nigeria.

Our facilities in Ibadan, Oyo and Oyan produce Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia for the rapidly expanding and flourishing domestic market in Nigeria.