Our Founder Ade Alakija.

Our founder



Durante Fish Industries was founded in 2000 by the late Ade Alakija. Raised in Ibadan he then went onto school in the United Kingdom and in 1983 began studying Fishery Science at Plymouth Polytechnic.

In 1985, Ade worked in a number of Fish Farms in the United Kingdom also went to Holland to Wageningen University to study African Catfish and Carp Breeding. In 1986 he attended Hampshire College of Agriculture where he obtained an Higher National Diploma in Fish Farming and Fishery.

He then returned to Nigeria and in 1990 he became the Managing Director of Allam Agro Farms, a 700 hectare farm in Oyo State, now known as AAA Farm. The farm’s main production, at that time, was cashew nut and other arable crops. It was at this point that Ade began to experiment with Dam and Pond construction.

In 1998 Ade invited Willy Fleuren to come to Nigeria to assist in improving in the Fish Farming business, and this resulted in the founding of Durante Fish Industries Ltd in 2000, with Fleuren & Nooijen BV becoming its technical partner and Willy becoming its Technical Director.

Durante quickly established a 250 Ton On Growing Recirculation System and a Hatchery producing 4.2 million Catfish Fingerlings per annum. The ongoing success of this venture led to Durante expanding its role and becoming one of the leading aquaculture service providers in West Africa providing consultancy and technical services for other aquaculture operations.

It was always Ade’s intention to draw Durante towards Tilapia production on a large commercial scale. Sadly his dream was not realised in his lifetime. However, Durante continues to follow his vision in respect of Tilapia production and the growing aquaculture sector in Nigeria.

His vision of “tradition meets technology”, and his contribution to commercial aquaculture in West Africa, was and continues to be tremendous. His legacy is the continued growth and success of Durante.


We provide Aquaculture equipment and Consultancy services and offer a full technical service  to our Clients. Please contact us for full details.

In co-operation with our technical partners, Durante Fish Industries is one of the largest service providers for Aquaculture Sector in Nigeria.

Our facilities in Ibadan, Oyo and Oyan produce Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia for the rapidly expanding and flourishing domestic market in Nigeria.