Operations and locations.

Oyan Dam

Oyan Dam is located in Ogun State and is one of many currently unused Freshwater Dams in Nigeria.

Durante Fish Industries are spearheading the development of Cage Farming in Nigeria using such facilities.

We have been trialing Cage Farming with Tilapia at Oyan Dam and have achieved grow out rates of 500gms in 4 months and it is now our intention to increase the number Cages on site substantially.

We currently have infrastructure and anchorage in place to accommodate 32 Cages.






We provide Aquaculture equipment and Consultancy services and offer a full technical service  to our Clients. Please contact us for full details.

In co-operation with our technical partners, Durante Fish Industries is one of the largest service providers for Aquaculture Sector in Nigeria.

Our facilities in Ibadan, Oyo and Oyan produce Market Ready Catfish and Tilapia for the rapidly expanding and flourishing domestic market in Nigeria.